Necromany Cosmetica, All Of The Goth Witch Colors

Brief update: Currently, Necromancy Cosmetica is redoing their packaging and website, and you can’t place orders for any of their products at this time. I’ll update this when they reopen. 


Hi, I’m doing makeup reviews now. If you’re here for swatches, scroll until the pictures happen!

Necromany Cosmetica is a small indie lipstick brand (really, just a couple of people) based out of Puerto Rico. All of their lipsticks are small-batch handcrafted, and they do not test on animals. They’re going for the nouveau witch aesthetic, which is how I’m describing the recent trends towards black, soft occult symbolism, flowey clothes mixed with fetish-inspired aesthetics with a side of minimalist goth, and less traditional makeup colors.

As of right now, they have 13 non-limited lipstick colors, 2 limited edition colors for the holidays, and three limited edition loose glitters. Their branding is strong, with a really striking logo, and a witchy aesthetic that you can see in everything from their website promo images to the acrylic lipstick holders that they offer in goth shapes.

Despite what I’d consider to be a pretty sizable Instagram following, there aren’t a lot of text and static image-based reviews for this brand and their products on the internet. I think that this is part of a new beauty internet, where reviews are concentrated on YouTube and feedback focuses on what you can reasonably say on Instagram. This isn’t a BAD thing, but I’ve been seeing a lot of the old guard in internet beauty blogging focusing on more established companies and shying away from the huge crop of bespoke cosmetics producers who spend most of their marketing energy on Instagram. Basically, there aren’t enough swatches of brands like Necromancy Cosmetica (and Black Moon, and Jeffree Star, and even Fyrinnae’s newer stuff).

I do a lot of my shopping based on swatch-based image searches, and I held off on Necromancy Cosmetica for a while because said image searches would dump me in tumblr (where it’s impossible to find anything due to the horrible tagging system), direct me to long YouTube videos that I don’t particularly want to watch, or I’d end up on Instagram, wondering about ambient lighting conditions and filters affecting the swatches.

It’s important, in the online beauty community especially, to get feedback from other consumers, and I hope that this blog can help provide that, even if no one reads the text and merely finds me through google image searches.

Back to Necromancy Cosmetica.

Initially, I’m always wary of indie brands because for every fantastic one, there seems to be several lackluster and at least one terrible brand to balance it out. Necromancy Cosmetica eventually won me over with their “We Are The Weirdos” collection, where the 4 lipsticks featured are all named after famous witchy girls from pop culture. Their Instagram, too, helped convince me that investing in 3 (or 4… maybe 5…) colors would be worthwhile, as the owner takes care to showcase consumer swatches, while providing her own swatches and community feedback.

And I was not wrong to invest in these lipsticks, they’re FANTASTIC. The colors, formula, wear time, packaging, etc., are exactly what I want from a lipstick (biases taken into account, you’ll hear more on that later.)

A note on shipping: I’ve seen a LOT of people complaining about the shipping costs when ordering from this brand. I live in San Francisco, so shipping was $4. While shipping to say, Australia may be prohibitively expensive, we have to remember that “prohibitively expensive” hits small indies a lot harder than larger companies, and retail giants. If a brand has to pay $20 of “free” shipping to get a $16 dollar lipstick to you, that’s much less time and energy that they can invest in other important things like product development, marketing, and customer service.

For this review, I’m going to be looking at the darker colors, which are always my favorite picks from any makeup collection. Necromancy Cosmetica has lovely pale and medium colors as well, and I hope that other reviews take the time to look at the lighter end of the nouveau witch spectrum.


These colors look similar, but swatch quite distinctly. From top to bottom: It’s Wednesday, Oh No Nancy!, Martyr’s Blood, Morgue, and Lydia.

All Colors.JPG

It’s Wednesday is part of the We Are The Weirdos collection, named after Wednesday Addams from The Addams Family. I’d describe it as a dark, neutral grey, a color that’s strangely hard to find among the grey lipstick trend.

Oh No Nancy! is the second lipstick I purchased from We Are The Weirdos, and takes it’s name from The Craft (as does the collection itself.) I had actually never seen The Craft before investigating Necromancy Cosmetica, and ended up watching it as a direct result of this lipstick. Thanks, Necromancy Cosmetica! This lipstick is a basic chocolate brown, not the most unique shade here but worth it for the formula (and name) alone.

Martyr’s Blood is a color I have many potential dupes of, but dark red lipsticks are my jam. Martyr’s Blood appears to be from the original collection, Necromancer, but I found the brand after WATWs was released, so I’m not completely sure. Either way, this deep dark plummy burgundy color is to die for. Literally. Mwhahaha!

Morgue, a LIMITED EDITION Holiday 2015 color, is described as “BLACK METAL LIPSTICK, YES, BLACK METAL LIPSTICK”, but I’ve also seen it described as a warm-toned black with matte gold shimmer. There’s definitely a strong warm undertone to this color, but I’d say that is has the feel of matte gold shimmer, and not actually gold shimmer itself. I have several black lipsticks, and none of them are as warm as this one. It’s a really unique color, and I hope that Des considers making this permanent, or releasing other complex blacks. Morgue was very comfortable to wear, but didn’t last as long as Lydia.

And finally, we have Lydia from We Are The Weirdos. Lydia is the first color that I wore (hence the roughness of the bullet in the following picture) and I was very impressed with it. In addition to being very comfortable on my dry lips, the color was beautiful and wore evenly. 12 hours (and several holiday meals) after I applied it, the color was paler, but still present. I would strongly recommend a lip liner with this, and all other dark lipsticks with thick cream formulas. (Note the wee pockets in the bullet, a side effect of hand-poured lipsticks!)

I was planning on including lip swatches with this post, but given the length I’ll be putting together another post with follow-ups on how each color performs, hopefully next week.

Here’s some final shots of the packaging:

tl;dr Necromancy Cosmetica makes interesting colors with high-quality formulation and fantastic brand identity, I definitely recommend investigating this independent, conscientious company.


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I’ve reached the point in self-education about the above topics that many people I know (from friends and family to business I’ve interacted with through social media) expect me to contribute to the overall beauty internets discussion, and I figured it was high time I got started.

This blog will hopefully be a conglomeration of tutorials, reviews, discussions, all of the standard beauty blog fare, from a science-accepting, identity-exploring, queerish bent. Indie brands will probably be my focus, as a lot of newer indie brands aren’t hitting the blogs (despite making big splashes on Instagram), and the things I will discuss will likely get fairly serious in terms of identity, and representation. I love makeup, and I am a traditional artist as well as an amateur makeup artist and probably wont be doing any “no makeup” makeup looks.

I’m likely to be controversial, I have a post already written criticizing the way we (the beauty internet) discuss indies, and one in the works praising a brand that a lot of bloggers dislike very much. I do not demand vegan, cruelty free beauty, and I have complicated opinions about animal testing (as do most who come from a science background). I think that the “natural” and “organic” makeup movement has a lot of problems, both with how they treat “science” and how they market to consumers. However, I understand the desire for all of the above categories of product and will be as respectful as I can. (For example, I will make sure to add whether or not a brand is vegan/cruelty free, or bills itself as “natural”/”organic” for reviews.)

I want this blog to be a place of discussion. That being said, if I state in a post that I am not interested in hearing specific things and people attempt to discuss them anyway, I will probably ignore them. There is not enough time in the worth to argue with everyone on the beauty internets, let alone the big internets.

And, finally, I don’t have a great camera. I’m starting off with an iPhone 4s camera, and will hopefully be able to upgrade. I plan to do video tutorials (possibly discussions, as well) at some point, but for now that’s a far off goal.

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