Shop Review: BB COSMETIC

~box full of thiiiiings~

Recently, I’ve been heavily obsessed with Korean skincare routines, and skincare products from Korea, Japan, and Taiwan. This interest is hardly unique, as a simple search on Sephora for “Korea” shows. (This is a weird search term, but it gave the most accurate results.) SokoGlam (my personal introduction to kbeauty, via Into The Gloss) has been gaining lots of attention in the weird area where blogging and sales collide, and there are a number of wonderful established blogs dedicated to the science, discussion, and love of all things Asian skincare.

While it’s become a lot easier to source kbeauty, shopping for specific products on the internet can be a bit of a struggle. I don’t want to be limited to what trendsetting curators want to bring into the states, I want to research and source things that interest me. This is a LOT easier than it used to be; shopping-by-proxy is always an option thanks to a growing number of small Korean companies, eBay and Amazon sellers sometimes have hard-to-find products for reasonable prices, and more shops are opening that seem to take their inventory choices straight from the blogs I love. Despite these options, purchasing things from <insert makeup theme webpage here> dot com can be risky, especially if you echew websites with safety nets like eBay (what do you mean “this listing has expired”) and Amazon (fulfilled by Amazon? Prime? shipping!? why is this seller charging me twice for shipping when they could just put the items in the sAME BOX?!)

All this being said, I wanted to provide a brief discussion of Korean company that I recently purchased some products from, to help people who are on the fence make informed choices. I plan to follow-up this short review when I place future orders. I would also like to add the disclaimer that, while this company does sponsor blog reviews (by sending bloggers products for review), this is not a sponsored review. I bought the things with my money. Furthermore, this is NOT a review of any of the products I got, those will come later when I’ve had a chance to properly test them.

BB COSMETIC is a Korean shop that, for this specific purchase, shipped from the Los Angeles, California area. As they offer worldwide shipping, it’s possible that they have multiple shipping locations. I bring this up because I was fully expecting my order to ship from Korea based on the site language and was confused (and very thankful!) when this wasn’t the case. BB COSMETIC carries a pretty good variety of brands, and their prices are on par with Memebox* and Jolse (with some odd discrepancies for a few of the products). They have small sales on many of their items, making them slightly cheaper than SokoGlam.* At this point, prices among kbeauty sources are close enough in general that I buy based on who has what. And for this specific haul, I was on the hunt for Benton Fermentation Essence and found it here first.

I received confirmation emails, several order status emails, and a shipping confirmation with tracking number during this process. While BB COSMETIC does offer free worldwide shipping (how, guys) they only offer free tracking over $40. As I passed that price milestone, I can’t speak to their tracking costs. Additionally, there isn’t information readily available about tracking costs to non-US countries.

I received my order quickly and without incident. I’m impressed by the speed, communication, and care with which my order was treated. My products arrived in a small box that fit them well (with packing materials that I threw away and didn’t photograph, because I’m an asshole, please see the beginning of this post) and weren’t jostled or damaged in their journey.

Products I Ordered: 

Benton Fermentation Essence- $15.30


authenticity holo sticker

This product is a little redundant in my current routine, I’m using CosRX’s Galactomyces 95 Whitening Power Essence as my powerhouse combo of niacinamide and ferment, but if my skin is even a little on the sensitive side I experience some irritation. I’m not sure if it’s an ingredient, or just CosRX’s specific formulation, but now I’ll be able to test further. In addition, some r/AsianBeauty folks were saying that they found the Benton essence more moisturizing, which I definitely need.


Missha Time Revolution Night Repair Science Activator Borabit Ampoule- $27.30


authenticity logo seal? I hope

BB COSMETIC leaves out the “Borabit” part of the name, which indicates the new formulation of this serum. This seems to be a common typo, though, and the product image (and product that I received) was clearly the new formulation. For some reason, this item was priced much lower here than other online shops, Memebox has it for $49, Jolse for $33.31 (on sale), SokoGlam for $49, etc. I have already incorporated this into my routine (thanks, samples!) and I absolutely love it. I think it’s responsible for calming my red cheeks.


CosRX Hyaluronic Acid Hydra Power Essence- $15.30


My skin is really dry, especially lately, and I’m hoping that this hyaluronic acid rich essence will act as a moisturizing first essence and aid in later product absorption. This will probably be the last product I incorporate, I purchased it on a bit of a whim.

Furthermore, sssssamples! I got deluxe size samples (and free tracking) for spending more than $40, and they included a variety of foil samples as well.

I’m actually really excited about the VDL Illuminater Primer here, I’ve heard good things about it. I’ve never tried a peeling gel, so that’ll be fun. Foil samples don’t really interest me, but I’ll probably research the products just to see what they are and I’ll definitely be useing the Etude House nose strips.

I will update this blog post further as I purchase more items through BB COSMETIC. Hopefully my positive experience was commonplace, and BB COSMETIC is able to expand and serve the international kbeauty community.

Astericks(*) denote affiliate links that benefit this blog. The Memebox link includes a 20% code for my readers, the SokoGlam one should include a 10% code. 


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