Liquid Matte Lipstick Price Comparison

An easy reference for the per-ounce prices for popular liquid-to-matte lipsticks! I’m not factoring tax or shipping into these calculations, as they will differ drastically depending on where you live. I’m also not including a discussion on availability, which is another important factor that I hope to tackle later.

Due to variations between formulas, I wouldn’t say that the most cost effective is *necessarily* the best, but the amount of product you’re actually getting is an important thing to consider when buying makeup. If you LOVE a color and anticipate hitting tube on it, purchasing one of the more generous options might be wise. If you’re like me and you’re trying to get as many colors as possible, the brands that give you less product might be a better choice. It’s up to you to use this information however you like!

Basic Price Comparisons (USD/oz):
Lime Crime $227.27/oz.
Anastasia Beverly Hills $181.81/oz.
LA Splash $140/oz.
OCC Lip Tar RTW (doe-foot applicator tube) $107.14/oz
Sugarpill $100/oz.
Jeffree Star $94.74/oz.
Kat Von D $90.90/oz.
Makeup Monster Cosmetics $79.75/oz.
Fyrinnae (color-changing) $70.59/oz.
Fyrinnae (flat/metallic colors) $58.82/oz.
ColourPop $54.55/oz.
NYX Lip Lingerie/Lip Suede $53.84/oz.
NYX Soft Matte Cremes $22.22/oz.

For posterity:
OCC Lip Tar (old packaging, not available) $52.94
OCC Lip Tar (old packaging ON SALE) $17.65/oz.

A few notes:
1. I didn’t include Black Moon Cosmetics because I can’t for the life of me figure out the exact amount of product in their tubes. I believe they’re on par with Sugarpill and Jeffree Star, though and I will update when I know more.
2. It’s really interesting that LA Splash gets touted as an “affordable” option so frequently, given where they place in the comparison.
3. Sugarpill’s only LtM lipstick, Trinket, is not available at this time but the owner has publicly said that they plan to expand their LtM lipstick range… someday.
4. Colourpop and NYX are the best options if saving money if your primary concern, and both brands have so many options to choose from! It’s worth noting that NYX’s Soft Matte Cremes (their first LtM lipstick) are priced much differently than later releases.
5. In terms of formula for the less expensive options, Fyrinnae is my favorite, hands-down.
6. I’ve included OCC’s old packaging/product amount (and a reflection of the sale currently happening with their remaining stock) for comparison, as they were really the first brand that offered “liquid lipsticks” for the mainstream (though Lip Tar is significantly different from the popular LtM today). I wouldn’t call this product a true LtM, but it’s sold as such so I included it here.

I hope this data, though brief, is useful to those who feel overwhelmed by the LtM options, or want to try lots of fun colors on a budget!



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