Fyrinnae Liquid Mattes; Possibly The Best?

I’m BACK and I’m here to bring you more swatches of indie lipsticks, now with very declarative titles!

Fyrinnae Liquid Mattes are, in my opinion, Possibly The Best(TM) liquid to matte lipsticks on the market based on several metrics, but this is just, as previously stated, my opinion, and your mileage may vary.

Fyrinnae Cosmetics is a small, indie company based out of Seattle. Their strength lies in both the innovative nature of their products as well as the cost. Fyrinnae makes REALLY inexpensive cosmetics, when compared to high end, drugstore, and even other indie brands. Add the uniqueness of their formulas to that, and Fyrinnae is a fantastic deal.

For length, I am going to extrapolate on Fyrinnae’s aesthetic and formulation(s) in a separate post, as I will be doing at least several other posts on the company.

I have three of their Liquid Mattes, which retail for $10-$12 for 0.17oz., depending on their properties. The solid colors and simple metallics go for $10, while the duochromes (they call them “color-changing”) go for $12. All of the colors I’m reviewing today are the duochromes, and I cannot speak to the longevity or pigmentation of any of the solids/metallics. They might be part of a future post, but none of the colors particularly grab me now and Fyrinnae seems to no longer be offering Liquid Matte samples.

Compared to the other matte liquid lipsticks, the Liquid Mattes are definitely one of the more affordable ones in terms of total value. I’m working on a post discussing the comparative values of several brands of liquid-to-matte lipsticks, and will provide a link to it here when it’s done. When you also take the longevity and color/finish options into account, Fyrinnae becomes the better, frequently ONLY option for specific colors as well as wearability. For example, in all of the other brands of liquid-to-matte lipstick available, there are virtually no metallics or duochromes. Of the brands I’ve tried, ColourPop, Jeffree Star, and Lime Crime all offer only matte solid colors. Other brands with which I’m familiar, like Blood Moon, Dose of Colors, Makeup Monster, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Pretty Zombie, Kat Von D, etc. all stock only matte solids as of January 2016. I think that this is partially due to demand, and standard trend behavior within the cosmetics world.

I am intentionally not including Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics’ Lip Tars as liquid-to-matte lipsticks, as they do not try down nearly as matte as all of the brands mentioned above. (More on that in the liquid-to-matte lipsticks post!)

As we’re seeing with Lime Crime’s “Perlees” “matte pearl” lipsticks, it’s possible that there will be metallic matte colors from more companies in the future. Fyrinnae seems to have done it first, and dayum have they done it well.

all swatches 1

IMPORTANT NOTE: the weird texture that you see in the bottom swatch? Yeeeah that’s mainly due to my arm hair. The large particle size of that particular color does affect the finish, but the weird anomalies you see? Arm hair all the way. You’re welcome.

Moving on.

wizardry packaging

The first color we’re going to look at is Wizardry, which is, appropriately, the first one I bought. Wizardly is a dark plummy purple with a strong bluish teal sheen to it. It looks darker on the lips, and the sheen is very striking in dramatic lighting. This color wore, quite literally, all day on my lips with ABSOLUTELY NO TOUCH-UPS. Even more long-wear lipsticks start to fade towards the mouth as the day progresses, and need subsequent touch-ups, but Wizardry needed nothing of the sort.


Wizardry is the easiest shade to achieve opacity, in my experience. It was mostly opaque after one coat, with a few minor areas needing a little extra.

Wizardry has a sister shade of bullet lipstick named Witchcraft, swatches and review of which will be up shortly and as a comparison, I’m reviewing the sister shades in comparison to each other and will post that soon as well. tl;dr: they are NOT the same color and feel/perform very differently, and you should definitely buy them both.

volcanic packaging

The next shade, Volcanic, is the subtlest of the three in terms of duochrome qualities. I’ll quote Fyrinnae here regarding the nature of the pigment in these unique liquid-to-matte lipsticks: “As with our Arcanes/Exquisites [eyeshadows with duochrome properties], you won’t be able to see the color change as dramatically while wearing because your eyes are moving with the rest of your face, of course.” It’s really hard to capture the duo nature of these colors in swatches, which I think might be part of the reason there aren’t a ton of swatch reviews for Fyrinnae in general.


Volcanic is a bright red with shimmer that appears either a deep pink or a copper orange, depending on the angle. The above swatch shows off the color’s coppery orange properties, and I’ve included some full arm swatch comparisons at the end of this post with different light angles. If the other colors I’m reviewing today look too extreme, Volcanic is what most people would consider “wearable”. This above swatch is two coats of Volcanic.

electromagnetic packaging

The final color, Electromagnetic, is the most temperamental of these three Liquid Mattes. The particle size is quite large (see the bottom of the above picture, that’s the particle size right there!) and it is therefore the least opaque out of the three. The swatches below were at least three layers of product, depending on the area. That being said, the layers didn’t feel cakey, as you’d expect a traditional lipstick to feel after piling on the layers, and the large particle size gives Electromagnetic the highest degree of color differentiation, making it an extremely unique shade.

I’d describe the color as greenish silver with a strong pink-purple shift, but it also seems to have a tealish cast? I can’t WAIT to see what it looks like over a black lipstick.

You’ll notice that I didn’t talk about the longevity and general wearability of Volcanic and Electromagnetic. Alas, I haven’t had a chance to wear those colors yet, and will be doing a follow-up post (or potentially just editing this post) after I’ve tested them. I predict that Volcanic will wear similarly to Wizardry, based on the similar particle size and opacity, and that Electromagnetic wont last nearly as long.

Oooh look at the shimmery ooooooooh. Hopefully, the color shift is apparently here, even if slightly. It’s difficult to capture these shades.

And finally, a brief note on packaging. Fyrinnae packing is very simple (a longer discussion of packaging can be viewed in my general post about Fyrinnae as a company), and fairly hefty.

packaging 1

Each tube has a sticker with some info about Fyrinnae, and the ingredients list for each individual shade. There’s a small sticker on the bottom of the tube with the shade name (which isn’t really needed, all of these colors look SO different).

I highly recommend Fyrinnae’s Liquid Mattes (and basically all of their other products), especially if you’re looking for unique colors and finishes. These liquid-to-matte lipsticks are very reasonably priced, shipping is affordable (I think the shipping for two of them was about $1.50?), and the quality is fantastic.


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